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  1. 1. Customer Management Services.
  2. 2. Training Management Services.
  3. 3. Call centre deployment, management and outsourcing.
  4. 4. Business process development, implementation and improvement.
  5. 5. Debt Collection Services.
  6. 6. Executive and human capital recruitment and management (staff outsourcing services).

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    1. Customer Management Services.

    1. Customer Service Consulting Solutions

    Onskon’s management and customer service consulting team is led by the Managing Consultant. We assess existing practices and assist organisations from corporate; SME and independent businesses transform their customer experiences and improve profitability. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

    2. Service Audit and Assessment (Measure your Customer Service Performance)

    Have you considered improving the management of your organization’s service delivery and performance? then you need to assess/audit your current level of service delivery, discover areas of improvement and then monitor and measure the service performance of at various outlets. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

    3. Technologies and Call Centre/Systems.

    We offer advice/source for service technologies best suited for an organization and we consult with organisations that want to set-up call centre and also are available to assist the organisations in managing the call centre. If you are looking at setting up a call centre, why not contact us to find out how we can help you.

    4. Customer feedback systems and Surveys

    Ensuring continuous service performance and improvement is built around constant customer feedback that brings about continuous process and service enhancement. We will help you design and source appropriate feedback systems that will be well suited for your business. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

    5. Customer retention and loyalty management.

    Retaining your customer has been proven as a reliable way of sustaining and growing profitability. It costs more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing customer. But how do we retain our customers? How do we make them loyal to our company? And how do we make them advocates of our companies are some of the challenges facing Chief Executive Officers, Marketing Chiefs and Customer Service Chiefs. Call us we can assist.

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    2. Training Management Services.

    We are also available to manage your total annual training needs under a training service management agreement with your organisation.

    The benefits include focusing your energy on your core business and effective training budget management. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

    Our Retail Sales and Customer Service Training Solutions

    Onskon Consulting has the training and strategic consulting expertise to deliver award-winning retail sales and customer service training, call center customer service training, or service seminars, workshops or consulting for the service, corporate or government sectors.

    If you are looking to better deal with workplace performance improvement, dealing with difficult internal customers or external customers, we can customize and deliver a World-Class training programs/trainings as outlined below:

    Our Customer Service Trainings

    1. World-Class Customer Service Training Workshops
    2. Retail Customer Service Training
    3. Telephone Customer Service Training Workshops
    4. Leading a Customer Service Culture Workshop
    5. World-Class Internal Customer Service Training

    Dealing with Difficult People and Situations Trainings

    1. Dealing with Difficult Customers Training
    2. Difficult Conversations Training
    3. Creative Problem Solving Workshops

    Customer Service Leadership & Management Trainings

    1. Service management training
    2. Behind the Bench Coaching
    3. Leading a Customer Service Culture

    Soft Skill Trainings

    1. Communication Skills
    2. Problem Solving
    3. Influencing and Negotiating
    4. Personal Effectiveness
    5. Accountability
    6. Professional Integrity
    7. Team Work
    8. Compliant Management

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    3. Call centre deployment, management and outsourcing.

    Many companies are challenged in determining how best to manage customer contacts.

    We offer advisory services to companies in determining their call centre need(s), assist in deployment and offer outsourced call centre services where necessary.

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    4. Business process development, implementation and improvement.

    Effectiveness and customer centricity in any organisation is enhanced by effective customer-focused business processes across the organisation. Profitability and efficiency is also a fall out of customer focused business processes.

    We assist organisations across all business types in this area i.e. independents, SME, corporate and government.

    Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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    5. Debt Collection Services.

    As businesses grow and companies expand giving credit the challenge of managing debtors increases.

    At Onskon we are available to assist companies’ follow-up and collect outstanding payments.

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    6. Executive and human capital recruitment and management (staff outsourcing services).

    We headhunt for skilled and specialized staff requirement for companies and also recruit and train staff (generic) for outsourced services to companies that require their services.

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