About Us

Onskon Consulting International Limited (Onskon)

We offer advisor services to start-ups, small and large organizations that assist drive growth and increase profitability through improved customer retention and loyalty. Businesses believe that the process of becoming customer-focused starts from acknowledging that the performance for service can always get better.

We consult with organizations to improve their service offering and brand their customer experience. Assist with customer service strategy, programs and processes which measurably improve both internal and external customer service. This ensures an improvement in customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability (bottom line).


We can help you measure your service offerings and improve your customer service levels, develop retention strategies to retain your customers and grow your customer base. This we do through customer feedback systems, surveys, trackers, mystery shopping.

We customize and deliver high-impact, effective workshops and training programs in customer service, client service and the leadership functions that support a customer-focused business. We can show you how to better recover from customer service failures; more effectively deal with difficult customers, and consistently create memorable customer service experiences. Contact us to find out more.

What is a Customer-Focused Organisation ?

Customer-focused organisation, as we consider it, is an organization that is consistently delivering on promises and communicating to every customer through all the touch points and levels of a business - whether it is an internal customer or external customer - that they are appreciated, valued, and that a positive experience with the organization is paramount.

Achieving this requires strong service leadership, skilled management, effective teamwork, and skilled, caring and motivated people in the organisation. Front line customer service representatives need to be supported by customer-centric processes and standards by the back office support teams and which are championed by effective management and strong leadership.